Joby Joseph is an award-winning luxury interior designer in Bangalore with more than 18 years of experience. He has worked with prestigious clients such as JW Marriot, Taj, Hilton, Microsoft, Nokia, Airtel, Infosys etc., to name a few. He started his own venture IDB back in 2012, which was later changed to Joby Joseph Interior Designs in 2016. His work has been featured in various popular magazines. He is recognized as the most reliable and well-known Interior designer in the industry.


  • Highly experienced, knowledgeable and we guarantee the best quality services.
  • Extremely passionate and dedicated to our clients.
  • Beautiful, functional and unique designs.
  • Quality is our motto and we deliver what we promise.
  • Customized Designs to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Interior designing is crucial in order to create usable and functional commercial or personal spaces. Homeowners can benefit significantly when remodeling or designing their homes with an interior designer. With our extensive knowledge in the effects of colour and right usage of accessories, we can create a comfortable environment for everyday living. Joby Joseph is an admirable professional who is a strong advocate for your vision. With his wealth of expertise in interior designing, he can create streamlined elegance and opulence within your space.


  • Understanding your personality is our first step.
  • We do conceptual designing according to your needs and follow up till the work is complete.
  • 100% transparency. We will not modify the price or compromise on quality.
  • We keep our promise and deliver on time.
  • We do international standard designs in Indian pricing.
  • We consider your practical needs and social status, and implement them in our designs.
  • We improve the design of your space, revamp the look, style and elevate the value of your property.

Joby Joseph is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore who takes care of both Commercial and Residential Interior Design projects. Our Interior Design Firm specializes in all types of residential interior architecture including Ethnic Interiors, Zen Interiors, Modern Home Interiors as well as Minimalistic Interior Designs. We also handle Office Interiors and Spa and Salon Interior works. Whether it is a new interior design work or a remodeling job, we will get it done right the first time and to your satisfaction. Our comprehensive services include, Villa Interior Designing, Apartment Interior Designing, Independent Home Interior Designing and more. Contact us today for all your Luxury Interior Design requirements.


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