Convert Your House into a Luxurious Home

Do you have a big house but no luxury in your interiors? With the help of our simple solutions and expert knowledge you can turn your plain interiors into a beautiful luxury heaven. The most important aspect of interior designing is space planning. The second is the ergonomics and finishes.

For example: Here is the story of Mrs Kavitha. She was excited to move into her new house and most of all she was in love with her new kitchen. A few days passed and she ended up having a terrible back pain. Nobody knew what was wrong and it kept coming back. She took several treatments but it was of no use. Finally a friend of her who happened to be an interior designer came to visit her and was helping Kavitha in the kitchen when she realized the ergonomics was completely inapt. The wrong design and dis-functionality of the kitchen counters and cabinets were the source of Kavitha’s constant back pain.

Designs should be beautiful, functional and efficient. Our designs not only look great, but work in your everyday life too.


When you hear the word ‘luxury in interior design’ what comes to your mind?

Does luxury mean just richness and sophistication? Days of shiny golden drapes, huge glittering chandeliers and posh accessories have gone into the background. Exposed concrete to cow dung plastered walls (you read that right); these concepts are taking over lavish interior designs that are usually affordable only to the rich. Homeowners and architects today are re-inventing the idea of luxury in unusual ways with materials that were once thought un-prosperous. Today’s trend is focusing at simple materials, contemporary styles and comfortable luxury.

  1. Comfort on all levels- comfort is one very important thing that defines luxury. Incorporating convenience into the interior design gives clients comfort everywhere in their personal space. It can be anything from cozy cushions to plush rugs and upholstery, soft beddings, and even the use of automated sensors for push-buttons.
  2. Exclusivity- In luxury interior design, clients often prefer elements and accents which will stand out from the ordinary. They look for something exclusive and unique that is appealing to all who walk through it.
  3. Attention to detail- Have you noticed that it is the smallest and the trivial details which makes all the difference, transforming something ordinary into something beautiful? It is the attention to detail that creates uniqueness and exclusivity in luxurious interiors.
  4. Personal Experiences- People prefer enjoying luxury on a personal level and relive a pleasant experience in their private space, like incorporating a spa in their home or a theatre system. Souvenirs from holidays, movie posters, private collections and more such personal elements are trending in luxury interior designs today.
  5. Sustainability – Usage of environment friendly materials and conservative designs are gaining popularity among today’s homeowners. The growing awareness of environmental protection and sustainability has opened up opportunities for architects to craft beautiful and exclusive designs that blend in with nature.
  6. Individuality –Every person is unique and their tastes and preferences will be as unique as they are. It is the duty of a designer to understand the desires and ideas of a client and incorporate them in their designs.

The reality is, there are many people who simply buy expensive home accessories and furniture and later realize that it does not fit into their spaces.
Luxury is not using expensive and gaudy materials. The right combination of textures and colors has the ability to make a home look luxurious.

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