Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments

We are aware of innumerable charms and challenges of a small space. If done well, it is a cozy and Zen like retreat. If not, then we feel cramped, when we have to cram all our worldly possessions in a tiny space, the results can be claustrophobic and congested. So, achieving the former than latter is a tedious job.

Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartments

Maximizing Style

But the best part is that key to a successful small space living is easier than what we imagine. It’s all about tricking the eye to perceive more space by planning well and maximizing style through three simple concepts that is Scale, Light and Movement.

If a furniture piece brushes against wall, it means it’s big. Try avoiding heavy weighty pieces; they eat up too much space.

One has to understand that styling doesn’t mean adding up furniture and props. One has to remember this by keeping a low profile to improvise the interiors. Keeping low profile also helps in giving an open and stunning look. Furniture that is more close to ground leaves more space above till the ceiling.

Another thing to keep in mind is the color palette. The color combination inside the house has to be very tight in order to make it look toned. Too many colors give an appearance of busy and cluttered interiors. Use neutral shades of same color family to give a smooth look.

Paints and Soft Furnishing

When you have chosen neutral colors, look out for textures for that colour to make the place lively otherwise it will look too cold. Keep the color palette subtle and simple, but the texture still needs to be there for it to look inviting. Anything hand-crafted would be a bonus.

Talking about centerpieces, one should think about smaller pieces of the same family. It can be the same piece in different sizes and as a collection it holds the table nicely, without creating this huge table’s cape that commands the whole room. Make it livelier with plants and art but remember it has to be minimal.

Apart from this, the interior designing also depends upon what kind of place is being designed. If it’s a villa, it will cost more as it’s a larger place that will include a garden or big spaces where designing is required. On the other hand, when an apartment is designed, the costing cuts down as the space is limited and there is not much to put one’s ideas into.